Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a difference a year makes...

Today is my one year wedding anniversary and first Mother's Day. If you had told me a year ago between the Ouzo shot-taking and the dancing to "Let's Twist Again" that I would have a 2-day-shy-of-3 months baby girl today, I would have been skeptical. I mean, who does that? Who, in this day and age, gets pregnant 2 weeks after their wedding? Apparently, this girl. I had to call my husband in Africa(yay for work trips 3 weeks after your wedding). At 4 in the morning. Hello, honey? I know you are working and will be gone for a month, but you will be a father in 8 months. I'm taking another test right now, I'll call you back. Yep, it's for sure.

We (ok, me) decided to not find out the gender. Everyone thought we would have a boy. I secretly really, really thought it was a girl. And she is. A girl with reddish hair and very impressive belly.I am so very thankful for my surprise baby. We had a great day together. Tom brought home flowers on Friday.
DSC_0778Today we ate leftover pizza, went to Goodwill (where we bought a Captain America coffee mug!) and put baby to sleep by caressing her sweet little face. My gift was that I didn't change a single diaper. The night ended with year old cake. Yum.

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