Sunday, November 8, 2009

I actually like exercising.

I went to the gym on last Sunday for the first time in over a year. My goal is to be skinny enough to not wear a bathing suit with a skirt next year. And be a runner again. And maybe end up with arms like Michelle Obama. So far, it's been AWESOME. And by awesome, I mean funny and slightly awkward.

Some Observations

-As I was getting out of the car on Sunday, a McDonald's bag fell out. Seriously. Clearly, God doesn't count sticking ones arm out of a window for french fries as a form of exercise.

-They have roughly 10 issues of Ebony magazine from 2003-2005 at my gym.

-Yesterday they added a Better Business Bureau index for Essex County. We live in Arlington County. Also? It was from 2003.

-The elderly woman on the eliptical next to mine was reading a large print issue of Reader's Digest, which made me giggle because it's such a stereotype.

-Said elderly woman was moving faster than I was.

-The man that used the machine before me on Sunday was incredibly hairy and wearing a sweatband on his head. I want to have his babies.

-He was there again yesterday. I'm pretty sure it's because he wants me to have his babies, too.

-Putting 2 sports bras over a nursing tank top with a Captain America shirt over everything is not enough for nursing G cup boobs.

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  1. Hahahaha. Oh, the many layered bras. At least ellipticals are a smoother ride and don't involve quite as much "bounce" as running, right? I read this post on my iPod last night and it inspired me to get on my treadmill. Thank you for that. Is this the same gym that had a playdate thing?