Saturday, May 22, 2010

a good find.

This is my favorite thrift store find in a while. A lady on flickr told me that her sister had the same thing when she was a kid. It has snaps on one side but no matching snaps on the other. The lady said it wasn't a full sleeping bag. More like an early version of a snuggie. Ha! It's comfy and pretty. A great combination. That's a faux quilt pattern on the front. I love love love the patterns and colors.
a vintage blanket.  maybe my favorite thrift find ever.

It makes me super happy. And it was $3.99.


  1. o - i had a faux-quilt sleeping bag growing up -- very 1970s. how fun!

  2. Love the vintage feel and the colors.

  3. I love the quilt. It really brightens up the room!