Friday, January 7, 2011


Last year I attempted a 365 photo project. I failed. I made a valiant effort until about May and then the exhaustion of my pregnancy with Timmy and chasing Coral around made me less than enthused to finish it. This year, I thought about giving it another try. And then I thought about how I'm still chasing Coral and now taking care of Timmy and realized it just wouldn't work for me. Last time, taking photos turned into a chore for me and coming up with new things to shoot didn't help my already frazzled mind. SOOO, I'm doing a 52. I hate the idea of not doing anything but don't want to jump into something as huge as a photo a day. One photo a week is completely possible since I take about 1,000 photos a month (no, seriously) anyway. (I did do a 365 of Coral for her first year. I did finish it. Poor Timmy, just another sign he's the 2nd baby.)
1/52 jan 1st-jan 7th
Coral is really loving pencils.
Don't worry.
We supervise.

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